Articles In This Month's Issue: April 2002

Citizen Participation: Legitimizing Performance Measurement as a Decision Tool GFR April 2002 cover
Involving citizens in the development and implementation of performance measurement systems can legitimize such initiatives among elected officials, thereby enhancing their value in the decision-making process.
Alfred Tat-Kei Ho and Paul Coates

A Balanced Scorecard Approach to Performance Measurement

The balanced scorecard provides a useful framework for focusing performance measurement efforts on the critical drivers of success.
Larry Maholland and Patrick Muetz

Trusting the Numbers: The Power of Data Verification

This article reviews the importance of verifying the reliability of performance measurement data and outlines the steps in performance measurement verification.
W. Anderson Williams

Training for Performance Measurement Success

An effective training program can help get performance measurement off the ground and sustain the system as it matures into a catalyst for government accountability and improvement.
Barbara Emerson

Aligning Performance Measurement with Key Management Processes

Integrating performance measurement with other key management processes helps to focus these efforts on government-wide priorities.
Joy A. Clay and Victoria Bass

Motivational Strategies for Public Managers

The budgetary belt-tightening precipitated by the recent recession has placed renewed emphasis on the importance of employee motivation.
Peter Christensen