Articles In This Month's Issue: February 2002

Portland, Oregon: A Case Study in Sustainability GFR February 2002 cover
The environmental shortsightedness of the past has proven costly to governments. By institutionalizing sustainable principles and practices, governments can ensure a livable future for coming generations.
Timothy Grewe, Susan Anderson, and Laurel Butman

Purchasing Power: The Massachusetts Environmental Procurement Program

By purchasing recycled and other environmentally preferable products, governments can positively impact the environment and even save money. Massachusetts’ efforts in this regard can serve as a model for implementing a successful environmental procurement program.
Eric Friedman and Marcia Deegler

Economic Development and Environmental Protection: The Northampton County, Virginia, Experience

Northampton County’s Sustainable Technology Park is living proof that economic and environmental interests need not be mutually exclusive.
Lance Metzler, Mary Lechner, and Timothy Hayes

Financing Brownfield Cleanup and Redevelopment

Lack of adequate and affordable financing is the most significant obstacle to brownfield redevelopment. Governments can catalyze private investment in these projects by leveraging available federal, state, and local resources.
Charles Bartsch

Tax-Exempt Hotel Financing: A Primer for Finance Officers

Because of the limited availability of conventional financing for full-service convention center headquarters hotels, many governments are turning to the tax-exempt bond market to finance their projects.
Thomas Hazinski and Mark Laubacher

Pension Investment Policies: The State of the Art

GFOA reviewed more than 40 pension investment policies to identify prevailing practices and to define a best practice for governments developing or modifying such policies.
Nicholas Greifer