Financial Plan Documents

Samples of long-term financial plan documents of jurisdictions featured in Financing the Future.  The plan document is among most visible and important means for communicating the financial plan.


* City of San Clemente, California 
Document includes comprehensive overview of results of city’s planning effort. Format closely follows that of Financing the Future.

* City of Palo Alto, California
Featured heavily in book, Palo Alto provides sample of comprehensive plan document.

* City of Coral Springs, Florida
How long-term financial planning can be built into other planning documents, including the budget (long-range planning section of city’s budget) and the business plan.

* City of Edmonton, Alberta
Example of a one-time process used in 2004 for development of 2005 budget, revised, replaced, or discarded in subsequent planning cycles. Context Report and Long-Range Financial Plan from that year and the Business Plan that ultimately resulted from Edmonton’s process.

* City of Long Beach, Claifornia
Plan developed to overcome significant fiscal imbalance in short period. Appendices provide information on "Voice Your Choice" community survey described in Financing the Future.

* City of Tempe, Arizona  
Useful examples of how to present a financial plan, as is further described on the Characteristics of Effective Plans section of this Web site.

* City of Sunnyvale, California
Sophisticated approach developed over many years.

* Town of Addison, Texas
Featured in Chapter 7 of Financing the Future, example of integrating expenditure expectations into planning (see page 112-113 of the town’s plan).

* City of Henderson, Nevada
Shows how fast-growing community can compare recurring against non-recurring resources over planning period (see page 194 of the plan). Example of how financial plan can be combined with strategic plan document.