Long-Term Financial Planning Tools

Tools such as surveys, checklists, presentations, reports, and more, most developed directly by jurisdictions featured in Financing the Future.

Long Beach’s Voice Your Choice Citizen Survey. Survey used to gather constituent input on highest priority services. Helped city’s cost reduction efforts.

Palo Alto’s Service Prioritization Matrix. Matrix developed to assign priorities to city’s portfolio of services, leading to improved resource allocation.

Scottsdale's Financial Trends Report
. Key indicators used to analyze financial environment. Scottsdale was recognized by the GFOA with an Award for Excellence for this tool.

Presentations Made to Boards. Here are examples of presentations made to boards.
    * Palo Alto’s presentation of final plan
    * San Clemente’s presentation of final plan
    * Edmonton’s presentation on use of tax supported debt

Mobilization Phase Checklist. Checklist used to assess progress through the mobilization phase of planning, as described in Financing the Future. Planners should revisit checklist periodically to assess progress. Developed by the GFOA’s Consulting Services.