Articles In This Month's Issue: August 2007

August07 GFR coverInnovations in Managing Public Funds: Benchmarking and Total Return 

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The City of Los Angeles decided in 2001 to change its approach to investment management in order to enhance revenue opportunities.Revamping the city’s investment approach consisted of three steps: segmenting the portfolio, benchmarking performance against an appropriate index, and measuring and evaluating the portfolio’s total rate of return.

Joya C. De Foor and Kay Chandler


From Cash to Card Acceptance:Transforming Routine Transactions into Extraordinary Opportunities

Technological advances in electronic payments are transforming the governmental treasury function. This article gives you a glimpse at the current trends and new developments on the horizon.

Mark J. Schermann


Creating and Using a Revenue Manual: A Dynamic Tool for Analysis 

The revenue manual is a tool to assess the extent to which the current revenue system can sustain the current and future demand for public funds. This dynamic document becomes invaluable as a foundation to make decisions and understand impacts of various factors on a revenue system.

Amy Zachary Reynolds  

Municipal Why-Fi  

As news stories spread about technical issues and failed business models, municipalities need to evaluate their motivations for pursuing a municipal wireless network for Internet access.

Dave Melbye


Liquidity Assessments: An Alternative Financing Option For Variable-Rate Debt

Liquidity assessments provide finance officers with another important alternative to traditional sources of liquidity support. By having the ability to leverage their internal fixed-income assets and cash, issuers are provided a cost-effective alternative to traditional bank liquidity support, which includes lines of credit, letters of credit, and stand-by bond purchase agreements.
Keri Badach, Michael Masih, and Gabriel Petek