Treasury Management Books

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Featured Books

  • Introduction to Investment Advisers for State and Local Government
    • Second Edition
      This publication aims to help government officials with selecting, monitoring, and evaluating investment advisers. It also provides guidance for drafting investment advisory agreements that formalize and enable such engagements. Included with this publication are a sample investment advisory agreement and a sample request for proposals to help you improve how you connect with an investment adviser.
  • Elected Official's Guide to Investing
    • Second Edition
      The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) has published a revised second edition of its popular book An Elected Official's Guide: Investing to help public sector investors keep pace with the many regulatory, technological, and other changes they have faced in the last decade. Using the series' proven question-and-answer format, this guide covers key aspects of developing an investment policy, relationships with banks and broker-dealers, investment instruments, cash flow forecasting, internal control considerations, the investment process, basic portfolio strategies, investment advisers, investment reporting, investing bond proceeds, and technology. Also included are a glossary of common investment terms and a list of useful Web sites.

Other Treasury Management Books

  • Banking Services: A Guide for Governments
  • Collecting Delinquent Revenue
  • Introduction to Broker/Dealer Relations
  • Introduction to Collateralizing Public Deposits Second Edition
  • Introduction to Electronic Commerce
  • Introduction to Treasury Agreements for State and Local Government
  • Introductuon to Treasury Management Practices
  • Investing Public Funds
  • Investment Procedures and Internal Controls Guidelines
  • Public Investor's Guide to Money Market Instruments
  • Revenue Collection Administration: A Guide for Smaller Governments
  • Technology for Treasury Management