Pensions and Benefits Seminars

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The GFOA offers a variety of pensions and benefits training seminars. These seminars address key challenges facing government finance officials, including funding OPEB, health care costs and balanced budgets, and employee retirement planning.

Featured Training Seminars

Managing Your OPEB Liability

Complying with new Governmental Accounting Standards Board standards for OPEB is only the beginning. The real issue facing local governments is ensuring that the benefits offered to retirees are sustainable. Hear from experienced practitioners who have gone through the process of modifying their plan design, establishing trusts, identifying revenue sources, and securing the necessary buy-in from employee groups. Share experiences with other governments facing similar challenges.


Health Care Cost Containment

State and local governments are continuing to struggle with the challenge of managing the costs of health care benefits. Health care inflation is zooming down a double-digit growth path. Experts in the field will identify the major players in the industry, examine the cost drivers underlying health care inflation, offer suggestions on how to design a health care benefits plan, and discuss both traditional and cutting-edge cost management techniques.


Public Employee Retirement Administration

Participants will review the foundations of prudent practices in plan design, governance, and investment strategies.  The seminar will be filled with informative presentations by experts in the public pension field.  An interactive format will give participants the opportunity, through an extended question-and-answer round table, to mold the concepts into practical use. 


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