Economic Development Articles

Articles from the Government Finance Review

  • June 2008
    • The Finance Officer’s Role in Capital Projects

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      In assuming a greater responsibility or project leadership, the finance officer can help position the local government to consistently make decisions aligned with overall goals and objectives.

      Joseph P. Casey

  • October 2006
    • The Role of the Finance Officer in Economic Development
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      Finance officers have a professional  responsibility to actively participate in the development process from the beginning.GFOA’s new recommended practice spells out ways for the finance officer to be involved.
      David MacGillivray

  • June 2004
    • Project Evaluation for Public-Private Partnerships: Aligning Development with Strategic Goals in Virginia Beach
      To ensure that investments in economic development are consistent with its vision and goals, the City of Virginia Beach has developed a set of guidelines for evaluating projects that has helped the city improve key economic indicators.
      Patricia Phillips, Robert Scott, and Nancy Leavitt
    • Risk and Reality in Public Headquarters Hotel Development  

      In recent years, a number of cities have directly financed the development of hotels intended to serve local convention centers.These public hotel developments have moved beyond the historic public-private partnership or subsidy arrangements to direct public ownership, most commonly through a nonprofit corporation. They have been promoted with the assumption that an adjacent headquarters hotel is a virtual necessity for attracting expanded convention activity.

      Heywood Sanders

  • June 2002
    • Financing Economic Development: A Survey of Techniques

      Economic development has evolved into an important activity for state and local governments. Understanding the various methods of financing these efforts can help governments maximize private investment in their communities.
      Peter Eisinger

  • April 2000
    • Profiting from the Past: The Economic Impact of Historic Preservation in Georgia
      In addition to preserving an area’s culture, historic preservation can be an economic powerhouse for state and local governments by creating jobs, bringing tourist dollars into a community, creating resources for investment in homes and small businesses, and revitalizing small town business districts.
      Joni Leithe and Patricia Tigue