Articles In the December 2008 Issue

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The Role of Leadership in Building High-Performing, Sustainable Organizations

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There is an alternative to slashing services, laying off employees, and raising fees. The City of Coral Springs changed its outcomes by changing its structure, using the Florida Sterling and Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence to help create a high-performing, sustainableorganization.

Robert Goehrig


Leading the Way to Fiscal Health 

As the fiscal reality facing government entities across the nation becomes more challenging to manage and the necessary financial choices become more difficult to make, the leadership role of the government finance officer must assume a new and more critical dimension — that of a true diagnostician.

Jon Johnson and Chris Fabian


Maricopa County’s Employee Health-Care Initiative

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has figured out how to continuously  reduce the organization’s employee medical costs and simultaneously increase employees’ satisfaction with their health-care benefit.

Mike Schaiberger


Public Stewardship: Building a Long-Term Funding Policy for Infrastructure Maintenance

Throughout the United States,critical public infrastructure is indesperate need of repair and replacement after years of neglect and deferred maintenance. In the City and County of Denver, Colorado, middle managers became critical advocates for infrastructure maintenance and repair.

Marilyn Miller and Margaret Browne


City Fiscal Conditions — From Main Street to Wall Street

The recent financial turmoil on Wall Street has had well-publicized effects on states and local governments. Problems in credit and capital markets have hit cities hard, and the fiscal conditions of state governments do not favor aid to cities. 

Chris Hoene and Michael A.Pagano