Smarter School Spending

Smarter School Spending - Resources

Smarter School Spending lays out a multistep process for districts to develop and implement a strategic finance plan over 9–18 months, on their own or with support from a technical assistance provider.

  • District may also choose to focus on a specific step and set of resources most relevant to them.
  • Each step provides districts with a variety of resources from meeting materials to analytic tools that will guide districts through each activity.
  • The Smarter School Spending online library links to an even broader selection of resources developed by leaders in education finance.

Below, you will find links to resources for each step:

Tools - Interactive tools to assist a district in developing a strategic finance plan, analyzing district finances, and examine cost savings opportunities.

Guides -  Guides are introductory documents, to provide additional supports for each step of the process.

Roadmap  - The "Roadmap" contains both a visual representation of the Smarter School Spending process and a step by step evaluation of evaluating where a district is in the process.

References and Research - Articles, reports, issue briefs, books, and other background information