Smarter School Spending - 4: Implement Plan

The “Strategic Financial Plan” is the long-term road map for implementing  the district’s instructional priorities. A “plan of action” describes how the strategic financial plan will  be translated into coherent actionable steps.    

A. Develop a strategic financial plan.

A strategic financial plan provides a three to  five year perspective on how the district will pursue its instructional priorities and  how success will be determined.

B. Develop a plan of action.

Roles and responsibilities for implementing the strategic  financial plan should be made clear for greater accountability.

C. Allocate resources to individual school sites.

Resources have the most direct  impact at school sites and should be allocated transparently and consistent with the  district’s overall strategy.

D. Develop a budget presentation.

A budget document needs to be well organized  and also clearly lay out the challenges the district is facing and how the district’s  strategies and financial plan will address these challenges.