Smarter School Spending - 3: Pay for Priorities

Current resources and expenditures must be thoroughly analyzed in order  to find capacity to pay for top instructional priorities.


  • Developing a Staffing Analysis
  • Developing a Cost of Service Analysis
  • Developing a process to prioritize spending
  • Weighing trade-offs between costs and benefits


A. Apply cost analysis to the budget process.

A cost analysis and staffing analysis are  essential to identifying how the district might allocate its limited resources.  

B. Evaluate & prioritize use of resources to enact the instructional priorities.  

Instructional priorities need to be thoroughly quantified as a first step to determining  how much money is needed to implement the priorities and where that money will  come from.

Trade-offs need to be weighed to examine whether the costs, financial or  otherwise, of implementing an instructional priority are viable.