Smarter School Spending

Smarter School Spending - Success Stories


Plan and Prepare

Set Instructional Priorities

Pay for Priorities

  • 3B - Pay for Priorities - Lake County Schools, FL
    Lake County School District (LCSD) was growing rapidly, but the revenues needed to keep up with growth weren’t materializing and student achievement was suffering as a result. LCSD embarked upon the Smarter School Spending journey to put an end to reactive, short-term budget cutting and take a coherent long-term approach to reaching its student achievement goals. Part of the journey was finding opportunities to shift resources away from lower value activities and towards academic priorities

Implement the Plan

  • 4C - Allocate Resources to Individual School Sites - Beaverton, OR
    A school district’s instructional priorities should be reflected in the budget for individual school sites. Therefore, the method used to allocate funds to school sites must be designed in a way that helps a district make the most student learning gains with its available funding.

Ensure Sustainability