Annual Conference

Guide for Speakers

GFOA Annual Conference

GFOA's annual conference relies on many volunteer speakers to share their experiences, communicate best practices, and work together to advance excellence in government finance. Our members attend the conference because of the quality of our presentations and the ability to take home and implement practical strategies for improving their own organization. Thank you in advance for your contributions and please know that we very much appreciate your time and effort, especially at this difficult time to help make our conference a success. Please read the speaker guidelines and complete the Speaker Confirmation Form to confirm that your agreement with the outlined policies and procedures.

Session Schedule and Deadlines

Each session will have a GFOA staff person as session coordinator. The role of the coordinator is to work with all speakers assigned to the session and help deliver a high quality presentation. Speakers that do not complete tasks by the dates listed may be replaced. All speakers can expect to work with the session coordinator for the following:



Complete the Speaker Confirmation Form

As Soon as Possible

Work with Session Coordinator and other Speakers to Complete Session Outline

April 2022

Submit Draft Slides to Coordinator

Mid-May 2022

Final Slides and Handouts Due

May 20, 2022

Final Slides Loaded to GFOA Website For Download

June 1, 2022

* Note: GFOA will utilize session outlines to promote and market sessions ahead of conference. Additionally, outlines and materials will be posted to the GFOA Learning Management System (LMS), conference app, and/or GFOA website ahead of conference.

Session Promotion

GFOA will be using the newsletter, email blasts, and social media to promote sessions and speakers leading up to the conference. GFOA will also be posting videos to GFOA’s website to help promote sessions. Your session coordinator will have more information on how you can assist in promoting your session.

Speaker Presentation Materials

An electronic copy of the final PowerPoint presentation slides including any handouts will be posted to GFOA’s LMS, conference app, and website for download for all attendees the conference. Presentations will also be available after the conference for approximately six (6) months.

GFOA encourages presenters to use their own slides templates and formats, but strictly prohibits presentations that constitute promotion or advertising. This includes pervasive or inappropriate use of logos.

COVID Protocol

With new case rates continuing to decrease in our communities, GFOA has removed the requirement for attendees to provide negative COVID-19 tests or vaccine verification to attend the conference. Masks will be available onsite for individuals who choose to wear them, but not mandated for attendance..

Please note: We will continue to monitor COVID-19 and will make any adjustments to protocols if needed to provide a safe environment for attendees.

Speaker Agreement and Confirmation Form