2023 Annual Conference Sessions: Business Process Improvement

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Sessions for Sunday, May 21

21 May
2:40 PM-3:30 PM PT

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Government

Artificial intelligence (AI) will someday be ubiquitous in government operations. Should workers be threatened? No. This session will focus on the benefits of AI and its limits. Speakers will discuss the evolution of AI and its potential benefits in local government. Case studies where AI has been implemented will be presented. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of AI, why human intervention is still important, and how successful organizations in the future will manage AI to make better decisions.

1 CPE credit
21 May
3:50 PM-5:05 PM PT

Six Sigma in Government

Six Sigma techniques focus on identifying and removing unnecessary waste in business processes and systems. Governments are not exempt from the benefits of Six Sigma, and often have the most to gain as business processes may be outdated and inefficient if they are not consistently reviewed and updated. Attend this session to hear from experts and practitioners how they have incorporated techniques to determine the root causes of waste, and improved business processes and practices.

1.5 CPE credit

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Sessions for Tuesday, May 23

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Sessions for Wednesday, May 24

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