2023 Annual Conference Sessions: Leadership, Ethics, and Trust

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Sessions for Sunday, May 21

21 May
2:40 PM-3:30 PM PT

The Accountability Trap: Why Focusing Too Much on Results Can Backfire - and What to Do About It

Local governments are faced with big challenges and are increasingly asked to address hard problems such as climate change, social inequalities and drug abuse. Addressing these problems may require considerable expenditure of public resources. Given the high stakes of the issues at hand and the potentially large sums of money involved, there can be a justifiable interest from elected officials and the public that the government (and its staff) be held “accountable.” This sounds fine, in theory, but there are some practical problems with a focus on accountability. At this session we'll explore better solutions based on work by word-famous psychologist Adam Grant.

1 CPE credit

Sessions for Monday, May 22

22 May
10:30 AM-12:10 PM PT

Small Government Forum - Networking Event

This is a professional development event brought to you by the Small Government Forum (SGF). This discussion will conclude the employee cross-training series with a discussion of how to maintain an effective cross-training program within a small organization while maintaining clear job descriptions, roles, and responsibilities. It will also explore how to effectively leverage employees after they have been cross-trained and how to keep newly acquired skills fresh if they are used infrequently. Objectives " Explore how to maintain an effective cross-training program over time " Discuss methods for maintaining clear boundaries and job descriptions within the context of cross-training " Address methods for keeping newly acquired skills fresh when/if they are not used often.

Sessions for Tuesday, May 23

Sessions for Wednesday, May 24

No leadership, ethics, and trust sessions for May 24