Leadership Workshop: Leaders, We've Got This! Unlocking Belonging in Organizations

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Many team members feel constant pressure to mask and curate who they are at work—to perform as someone they're not rather than be who we are. And it strikes at their ability to belong. But, as leaders, by cultivating psychological safety, trust, inclusion, and creativity in how we work, we can unlock belonging in our organizations for everyone. In this practical, research-driven session, award-winning speaker and author Ritu Bhasin will uncover the key pillars for unlocking belonging in your organization as a leader, how to leverage the Three Selves Framework™ in how you lead and manage teams and stakeholders, how to create cultures that are rooted in belonging, psychological safety, trust, inclusion, innovation, and empowerment, and leadership strategies for fostering empathy, authenticity, and trust.

This session required pre-registration.


Ritu Bhasin, LL.B. MBA

Ritu Bhasin, LL.B. MBA

CEO and Founder, Bhasin Consulting, Inc.