Job Openings

GFOA is an equal opportunity employer.

Open Positions

Research and Consulting Center

Manager / Experienced Subject Matter Expert in Local Government Finance

GFOA seeks mid-career and senior level public finance professionals with demonstrated record in financial management, budgeting, process improvement, leadership, and organizational change to join the Research and Consulting Center (RCC). RCC leads many of GFOA’s programs and services and works with local governments a variety of improvement projects including policy development, business process improvement, organizational assessments, governance, and technology procurement and implementation. Managers will lead teams, manage consulting projects and other GFOA programs, work to develop best practices and new ideas, and support the strategic direction of GFOA.

Consultant / Local Government Administration

GFOA seeks individuals with a passion for local government and desire to help organizations modernize, improve business processes, and promote financial management best practices. GFOA consultants work directly with local governments across the United States and Canada on a variety of improvement projects including business process improvement, policy development, budget assessments, and technology procurement and implementation. In addition, GFOA consultants support other member programs for GFOA including research, education initiatives, and networking opportunities.