2023 Annual Conference Sessions: Procurement

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Sessions for Sunday, May 21

21 May
3:50 PM-5:05 PM PT
Portland 251-258

Better Together: Practical Strategies for Integrating Finance and Procurement

While finance and procurement often provide different functions, their work is unquestionably linked. Many processes outside of finance depend on information from procurement to be effective. In this session, speakers will explore how finance and procurement can create a better and more collaborative relationship and drive improved outcomes for both departments. Speakers will explore this connection and the benefits to budgeting, long-term planning, cash flow analysis, debt management, accounting, risk management, and more.

Sessions for Monday, May 22

22 May
1:30 PM-2:20 PM PT
OR 202

Alternative Contracting for Construction Projects

With many governments having a renewed focus on infrastructure, finance officers need to ensure that their organizations can deliver and manage the construction of these large projects. Speakers in this session will discuss the pros and cons of popular contracting and management approaches and innovative concepts for construction projects. Topics include concerns around controlling costs, avoiding delays, and dealing with inflation, supply chain shortages, and other realities of today's environment. Attendees will learn the importance of collaboration and the role that finance, procurement, and engineering can play in delivering successful projects.

Sessions for Tuesday, May 23

23 May
10:20 AM-Noon PT
Portland 256-257

ARPA Closeout: Gearing up for December 31, 2024

December 31, 2024, the final date to obligate your ARPA funds, is quickly approaching. Yet new spending categories are still being fleshed out. What does your government need to do to prepare for spending the last of your ARPA funds? Speakers in this session will identify key dates, discuss the potential for upcoming announcements, and answer questions from attendees as we approach the end of the covered period.

2 CPE credits
23 May
2:00 PM-3:15 PM PT
OR 201

Removing Bias in Bid Evaluations: Best Practices in Evaluation Techniques

A core value of public procurement is the use of a fair, open, and unbiased competitive process to award contracts. However, it's impossible to eliminate all bias when we rely on humans, each with their own unique experiences, knowledge, and background, for evaluating options. In this session, speakers will discuss strategies for addressing bias, ensuring that existing "knowledge" doesn't reduce innovation, and that vendors are evaluated on the merits of their proposal. Attend this session to learn how procurement can leverage lessons learned from behavioral science to make better decisions.

23 May
3:35 PM-4:50 PM PT
OR 203

Successful Supplier Diversity and Impact on Community

Establishing a diverse supplier pool should be a priority for governments and can highlight the strategic value that procurement can bring both to an organization and community. Supplier diversity programs often fulfill government economic and sustainability goals, and work to address inequities that can be present in traditional contracting processes. Attend this session to uncover lessons learned in establishing a supplier diversity program, identify steps necessary to get started, and hear from recognized leaders in public procurement on how to achieve the best results from supplier diversity programs. This session will follow NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement's best practice titled, Establishing an Effective Supplier Diversity Program.

Sessions for Wednesday, May 24

No procurement sessions for May 24