118th Annual Conference Sessions: Risk Assessment

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Sessions for Sunday, June 9

9 Jun
3:50 PM-5:05 PM ET
Rooms W224, ABEF

No Need to Panic: Disaster Planning, Response, and Recovery

When disaster strikes, the finance professionals in a government play a critical role in response and recovery to help the community rebound from loss and damage. However, proper planning should begin months or years before tragedy strikes. Speakers will discuss how to assess risk, prepare proper response plans, and implement appropriate systems to help prepare for when disaster strikes. Speakers will also discuss how to leverage available tools and partners to manage the immediate aftermath and position the organization and community to access available funding to begin and sustain an effective recovery.

Sessions for Monday, June 10

10 Jun
4:15 PM-5:30 PM ET
Tangerine Ballroom, WF4

Risky Business: What's the Right Amount of Reserves?

Governments are subject to financial shocks, including natural catastrophes, recessions, and more. Financial reserves are essentially a form of self-insurance that governments use to buffer themselves against these risks. But what are the risks governments should be concerned about? What size of reserves is appropriate to cover risks? What opportunities are there to use commercial insurance to help cover these risks? Speakers in this session will answer these questions and more. Attendees will leave with resources and strategies to apply risk-aware and risk-savvy thinking to reserves in their own organizations.

1.5 CPE credit

Sessions for Tuesday, June 11

No risk assessment sessions for June 11

Sessions for Wednesday, June 12

12 Jun
8:30 AM-10:10 AM ET
Tangerine Ballroom, WF3

When the Sky Actually Falls, Where do We Start?

With threats like aging infrastructure, heightened weather events, extreme climate conditions, and other external risks, many finance professionals will likely have to deal with some kind of "hundred year" event during their careers. This session will explore the aftermath of such an event--how to fund recovery and build recovery capacity, who to involve, and how to lead, and how to keep basic operations going. This session will feature conversations with public finance professionals who have led through the incidents that we all hope never to experience, but must be prepared to address. The goal is to help ensure that we are in a better position to consider what needs to happen in the event of the unthinkable happening to our government and community.

2 CPE credits