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Developing an RFP for an ERP System

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Developing an RFP for an ERP System





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There are few projects that local governments will take on that reach the size, scope, and complexity of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation. Not only do ERP projects touch just about everything and everyone in the organization, they also can represent significant change for an organization. ERP projects are expensive requiring investments not only in dollars, but in time, creating the expectation that governments will see significant improvement in functionality, efficiency of operations, or best practice adoption as a result. Combine this with the fact that many governments only implement an ERP system once every 10-15 years and you can understand how ERP projects can be difficult.

GFOA has experience assisting hundreds of local governments with planning for, procuring, implementing, and assessing ERP systems. Fortunately, for governments planning on taking on an ERP project, many of the risks associated with ERP projects can be mitigated with planning, organized readiness activities, and project leadership. Using a request for proposal (RFP) for engaging the vendor community, encouraging competition, defining scope, and establishing procedures for accountability and risk mitigation is an essential component in the ramp up to an ERP project. However, GFOA also sees many organizations not take full advantage of the RFP process to set their project up for success.

This webinar will present best practices for developing an RFP for an ERP project and discuss how the RFP can be used as both a key milestone in the readiness process and as a guide for future planning. The instructor will present common mistakes you can avoid in developing your RFP and how to give yourself the best opportunity to find a qualified vendor and negotiate the best possible contract to deliver success in your ERP project.

Learning Objectives

Those who successfully complete this seminar should be able to:

  • Develop a business case for upgrading or replacing your ERP system
  • Identify process to determine if its better to upgrade or replace your ERP system
  • Understand how to prepare an RFP that solicits competitive responses from vendors
  • Use the RFP process to set up contract negotiations and statement of work development with your selected vendor
  • Use lessons learned from past projects to avoid common mistakes and mitigate risks

Who Will Benefit

Professionals involved in the RFP process for the purchase or deployment of an ERP.

Course Instructors

This course is taught by GFOA staff from the Research and Consulting Center. Each instructors has experience working with different types of organizations and brings lessons learned, practical examples, and templates/tools from GFOA's experience assisting hundreds of other local governments with ERP readiness, system selection, and implantation. Past instructors have included: