Paul Workman, CPA

Central Accounting Manager, Roanoke County, Virginia

Paul Workman, CPA

Paul Workman is currently the Central Accounting Manager for Roanoke County in Virginia. He started his career at Roanoke City as an Accountant and has switched between Accounting and Budget roles six times throughout his twenty-one years in local government. He served as the Budget Manager at Roanoke City throughout the pandemic when revenue projections became increasingly challenged.

Having a direct view of what drives Accountants, System Analysts and Budget Analysts, Paul was able to find a way to bridge the knowledge and essential needs of these areas to produce a simple Excel based Dashboard that clarified the information coming out of their accounting system for the non-financially minded leaders of the organizations. By repeating this dashboard at multiple localities, Paul has shown that with a DIY mentality, and some basic Excel skills, anyone can create this simple yet powerful tool with their own ERP system.

Another career milestone of Paul’s is the implementation of Budgeting For Outcomes at Roanoke City. During that time, Paul facilitated numerous budget development work sessions with employees and citizens to align budget dollars with anticipated results. Prior to finding his true passion working in local government, he obtained six years of experience in public accounting.

Paul received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Baylor University and is a licensed certified public accountant in the state of Virginia. He is an outdoor enthusiast who loves biking, hiking, and geocaching.