Rethinking Budgeting, Rethinking Revenue

The Root of Local Government Revenue


November 21, 2022

2 p.m.-3 p.m. ET

  • Field of Study: Finance
  • Credits: 1.00
  • Prerequisite: None.

Local governments are defined by their geographic boundaries. Property taxes are a function of the assessed value of the land within the jurisdiction. Sales tax revenues are often partially determined by how many and the types of merchants in the jurisdiction. Often, when considering a new development, the primary concerns are remaining in compliance with laws, administering building codes, meeting demand for new development, in addition fulfilling mobility, parking and greenway goals. However, many governments do not fully explore the connection between their land use choices and the long-term financial health of their locality from a revenue or cost perspective. Property tax revenue is typically not structured to cover ongoing capital costs which creates an unsustainable funding structure. As a result, many local governments have difficulties funding infrastructure maintenance and replacement.

In this webinar we will explore this relationship by examining some of the key components to creating more fiscally productive and sustainable land use patterns. This begins with rethinking current revenue structures prior to new development by analyzing available data. We will offer some ways to more effectively manage land uses for positive revenue impacts. Please join us to hear from Joe Minicozzi about the geospatial implications of different revenue streams by examining local tax and land use policies. We will learn how these concepts have been applied from Justin Weiss in Fate, TX and how they created a sustainable growth solution by developing their own simple fiscal calculator to assess new developments.

Who Will Benefit: CFO/Finance Directors, Budget Managers, Purchasing Managers, and Department Directors

Learning Objectives:
  • Using available and new technology inside government to geospatially analyzing financial systems
  • Rethinking revenue structures
  • How to educate citizens and city leadership to “do the math” and visualize public policy to ensure a sustainable financial future for a city.
  • Understand the future revenue impacts of new proposed developments at a city wide and parcel level perspective and the impact on the cities bottom line.

  • Member Price: $35.00
  • Non-member Price: $70.00