2020 Winter Meeting: Roundup

On January 27 and 28, nearly 200 GFOA Standing Committee members gathered together for the annual Winter Meeting in Washington, DC, to work on best practices and to advocate for GFOA legislative and regulatory priorities.

The entire day on Monday was spent developing and enhancing GFOA’s best practices and resources on the topics of interest to public finance officers. Various subject matter experts visited with the standing committees to provide expertise on many of the complex topics that fall within their purview.  During the lunch session, GFOA’s Federal Liaison Center staff addressed the group and delivered the latest news on GFOA priorities in Washington. And with a week left before the start of the Iowa caucuses, Josh Kraushaar, Political Editor for the National Journal, addressed the group at dinner to provide timely insight into the 2020 elections and the potential ramifications.

On Tuesday, GFOA members fanned out all over DC and participated in nearly 60 meetings on Capitol Hill, at the US Treasury, FEMA, the US Secret Service, and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. For the agency meetings, GFOA members shared our policy positions and learned about the latest federal initiatives that impact public finance officers. On the Hill, GFOA members asked their Congressional representatives to support municipal finance provisions in any potential infrastructure package, and thanked them for repealing the Cadillac Tax – a longstanding priority for GFOA.

Photos from the 2020 Winter Meeting: