2023-2024 WPFN Vice President Application

GFOA's Women Public Finance Network (WPFN)’s Nominating Committee is accepting applications for the 2023-2024 Vice President.

WPFN is guided by three officers: President, President Elect, and Vice President.

The role of WPFN’s Vice President is to perform the duties of the President or President Elect in their absence and to perform other duties as may from time to time be assigned to her by the President. Additionally, the Vice President helps to develop the annual meeting agenda and program in coordination with other WPFN Officers and GFOA staff.



  • Committee members must be active GFOA and WPFN members.
  • If you are a GFOA member but not a WPFN member, you can register to become a WPFN member by clicking here.


  • The Vice President serves a one-year term. Officers are to automatically ascend upward in rank as officers starting at the Vice President position each year. Thus, the Vice President will ascend to the role of President Elect for 2024-2025 and President for 2025-2026.


  • The Vice President is to attend WPFN Officers Meetings (conference calls), participate in WPFN business meetings, and assist fellow WPFN officers in developing the WPFN business meeting agendas.