List of 2023 CPFOs

More than 40 GFOA members earned the Certified Public Finance Officer designation last year.

The CPFO journey is designed to prepare individuals for leadership positions in state and local governments by enhancing fundamental skills and increasing knowledge of best practices and standards in public finance. Individuals are equipped to participate in decision-making efforts related to their government and community and to lead projects and professionals in a substantive and significant manner.

Congratulations to the following CPFOs who completed their journey in 2023:

Jeremy Andrykowski, CPFO

Beau Belikoff, CPFO

Laura Bowers, CPFO

Bryce Brooks, CPFO

Stephen Calvert, CPFO

Lynne Chaimowitz, CPFO

William Cristianson, CPFO

April Cosby, CPFO

Audrey Danek, CPFO

Susantin Danny, CPFO

Lucy Dong, CPFO

Hugh B. Dunkley, CPFO

Keith Farrell, CPFO

Xiangjun Guan, CPFO

Carrie Hagerty, CPFO

Ashley Hansen, CPFO

Melissa Hodnett, CPFO

Loan Huynh, CPFO

James Inglis, CPFO

Susan Kelley, CPFO

Mark Kluth, CPFO

Betsy Knotts, CPFO

Nick Kron, CPFO

Kathryn Kruger, CPFO

Lawrence LaFleur, CPFO

Andrew Lent, CPFO

Jason Lawrence, CPFO

Angela Lupcho, CPFO

Angela Moore, CPFO

Jared Meyer, CPFO

Kendrick Natale, CPFO

Danielle Oettle, CPFO

Steve Osborne, CPFO

Vonda Owens, CPFO

Sherwin Pestka, CPFO

Sumitra Potharazu, CPFO

Ronald Queen, CPFO

Lauren Rider, CPFO

Tina Smith, CPFO

Rebecca Smith, CPFO

Micah Snead, CPFO

Sally Stopher, CPFO

Anthony Swartzendruber, CPFO

Mary Talley, CPFO

Betsy Tucker, CPFO

Crystal Welch, CPFO

Pamela West, CPFO

Kimberly Williams, CPFO

Dan Wilson, CPFO

Consuela Wilson, CPFO

Chelsie Wilson, CPFO

Nancy Young-Oliver, CPFO

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