Ask Me Why I Care

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The purpose of the Ask Me Why I Care: Public Service Stories project is to show young people, in this time of virulently anti-government environment sentiment, that government jobs will allow them tackle the most daunting issues in our society and to make a difference in people’s lives. To this end, Ask Me Why I Care has collected inspiring stories from more than 90 people in public service.The organization is making the videos of these stories available to middle school, high school, college/university faculty, students, and guidance counselors to demonstrate how meaningful a career in public service can be.

The project will produce four sets of 6-10 videos, focusing on four major areas of public service: budget and financial management; health and human services; transportation and emergency; and public safety. One of the videos, Ode to Public Service, provides an excellent introduction. It is an original story that engagingly communicates the many, many ways government employees improve our lives every day. A Budget and Finance video emphasizes the need to promote trust in government, and how transparency connects services and financial responsibility.