Alexander Diaz

Town Manager, Town of Golden Beach, Florida

Alexander Diaz brings an exceptional record of experience and accomplishment to his role as the Town Manager of Golden Beach. His background in municipal government – where he worked collaboratively with all sectors of state, county and local government – makes him uniquely qualified to handle the multi-faceted tasks associated with coordinating multiple community projects and personnel.

Formerly, Mr. Diaz was the Assistant Director for Administration/Legislative Affairs Coordinator for the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department where he managed a budget in excess of $134-million, a staff of 247, and was responsible for the Human Resources Division, Support Services Section, Communications Center, Stores/Procurement Section, and Fleet Management. He acquired extensive experience with labor bargaining agreements, procurement, recruiting, fair employment, emergency operations and communications. As State Legislative Coordinator on behalf of the County Manager’s Office for the 2006 State Legislative Session, he helped to secure funding in excess of $300 million dollars to further the capital and operational needs of Miami-Dade County.

Mr. Diaz received his Bachelors Degree from the University of North Florida and his Masters in Public Administration from Florida International University.