Kristal Hughes

Finance Director, City of Madras, OR

Kristal started her career in the private sector in the seafood industry before she jumped ship into the government sector. She's been with the City of Madras for five years. Significant accomplishments include: leading a forensic accounting analysis of the Madras Urban Renewal District so the staff and Commission could understand how best to spend the resources available to the District and position them well for future bond issuances, restructuring the budget to align with best practices and create accountability and transparency across the organization and lead the organization to establish a PERS Stabilization Fund which begins to address the Unfunded Actuarial Liability of the City. The part of her job that she enjoys the most is that each day is different, "Welcome to the City of Madras, where the job is never boring!" Small organizations have the same requirements and challenges as large ones - it's the creativity of the staff and being able to fit the right job to the right person that allows us to be successful.