Kristin Hanson

Director, Public Financial Management (PFM), Inc.

Kristin Hanson is a director at PFM. Her focus is serving a variety of government entities in Minnesota and Wisconsin as a financial advisor. She has been in public finance for over 25 years, as both a financial advisor and an issuer. She spent five years as assistant commissioner at Minnesota Management and Budget where she oversaw the Debt Management Division and was responsible for managing the state’s general obligation debt as well as other state revenue and appropriation debt programs. She worked with state agencies and local governments on the implementation of capital bonding appropriations. She has also served on various state agency governing bodies that had debt issuance or investment authority, drafted legislation for new debt programs and managed the state’s rating process.

While at the state, she oversaw the issuance of more than $6.6 billion of bonds including tobacco settlement revenue bonds, a new credit for the state, and state appropriation bonds to finance the public share of a professional football stadium. She advises on various types of financings and ancillary services. She has experience with capital project financing, cash flow borrowing, lease transactions, refundings, drafting of legislation and legislative analysis.

She has been active in various professional associations and is a member of GFOA’s Debt Committee and the Debt Management Advisory Council for the University of Minnesota and serves on the board of the Wisconsin Chapter of Women in Public Finance and the Humphrey School Alumni Society Board of Directors.