James Taylor

CEO, Florida Technology Council, Tallahassee, Florida

James Taylor

For over a decade James Taylor’s voice has served as the technology industry's unbiased voice and resource for legislators, agencies and staff working to create a stronger, safer, more efficient Florida.

James Taylor serves as a Senior Board Member of the Florida Center for Cyber Security, a Board Member of the Florida State College of Jacksonville School of Technology, a Board Member of the Tallahassee Collegiate Academy, a member of the Tallahassee State College Cybersecurity Advisory Board, a Board Member of Innovation Park N Florida Innovation Labs, and serves on the Florida State University Gap Proposal Review Committee, a Board Member for Florida’s Public Sector Academy and a Board Member for the Florida Digital Government Summit.

Mr. Taylor served as the technology industry representative for the Governor’s Reopen Florida Taskforce, and the Cybersecurity and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Legislative Work Group in the Florida House of Representatives.

James is the creator of Florida’s Tech Day at the Capitol ™; the Florida Technology Magazine, FTC State Advisory Workgroup, Government CIO Mentorship Program and the Private Sector Academy.

James lives in Tallahassee Florida with his incredible wife Penny, is a graduate of the U.S. Department of Justice Citizens Academy and recipient of the Directors Award from FBI Director Christopher Wrey.