BC 2010 By-Laws

By-Laws Statement


Name: This organization shall be known as the "Black Caucus" of the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA).

Section 2     

  1. Purpose and Goals: The Black Caucus is a voluntary association of state and local government officials and other finance professionals formed within the GFOA to carry out its mission statement (attached).
  2. Serve as primary resource to the GFOA and others in identifying members of the Black Caucus for career opportunities and appointments to GFOA and other national committees, task forces, etc.



The Black Caucus of GFOA shall consist of the following categories of membership: active and associate. The membership rights and privileges have been defined in the GFOA By-Laws. Membership is obtained by submitting a Membership Data Form to GFOA staff.

  1. Active Members. Any public official having membership in the GFOA is eligible to be an active member
  2. Associate Members. Any representative of a non-profit or for-profit corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship or other persons having membership in the GFOA but who is not eligible for active membership.



Officers: The Officers of the Black Caucus shall be active members composed of the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.
Section 2    

Elections: Each Officer shall be elected by a majority vote of the members in attendance at the GFOA Black Caucus annual meeting. The Secretary shall be appointed by the Chair.

Nominations and Terms of Office: Nominations for officers shall be made on the floor at the business meeting held at the Annual Meeting of the GFOA Black Caucus. The Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary shall hold their positions for (2) years. The Vice Chair will assume the Chair's position after the two-year term has ended or sooner if the chair resigns his/her position. The term of office for the Chair and Vice Chair shall commence immediately upon the adjournment of the Annual Meeting of the GFOA Black Caucus. Upon vacancy of the Vice-Chair position, the Chair shall appoint a Vice-Chair to fill the remainder of the previous Vice-Chair's term. This shall not preclude those persons from a full-term in either position subsequent to the appointment.



Annual and Special Meetings: The time, place, and program of the annual business meeting shall be determined by the Chair and will be held in conjunction with the GFOA Annual Conference. Special meetings may be called by the Chair.



GFOA will appoint a member of the staff to serve as a liaison to the Black Caucus.
Section 2

GFOA will compile, produce, and disseminate annually a directory of Black Caucus members.



The Chair shall present an annual report to the membership at the end of his or her term identifying actions taken to carry out the mission of GFOA Black Caucus during the previous year.
Section 2

The Chair shall establish those committees comprised of active and associate members necessary to carry out a work plan that supports the mission of the GFOA Black Caucus.
Section 3

The Black Caucus may only use the name of GFOA in conjunction with the types of activities described with these by-laws. Should the Black Caucus engage in other activities for which a public statement or endorsement, support, or acquiescence of GFOA is desired, implied, or intended, the explicit written consent of GFOA shall be required.


These by-laws may be amended at the annual meeting by a two-thirds vote of all members present, provided that the proposed amendments shall have been prepared in writing and distributed to the Black Caucus members 30 days in advance of the meeting.


Approved: June 11, 1995
GFOA Annual Conference
Baltimore, Maryland