Black Caucus Member Spotlight: In Memoriam

Photo of Aletha Dawn Maureen Johnson.

Alethea (Dawn) Maureen Johnson

October 27, 1963 - February 10, 2021

Alethea was a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Government Finance Officer; she served the City of Fort Lauderdale for over twenty-three years. She was a highly respected and valued employee of the City of Fort Lauderdale. She served in many positions during her tenure there. As a CPA and CGFO, she worked in the Treasury department and was privileged to attend many GFOA conferences as well as FGFOA conferences and local chapter meetings. Alethea was an extraordinary person; her kindness and compassion was demonstrated to all who knew her. Alethea ’s professionalism, commitment and passion for her work made her quite admired in the Government arena. Alethea was a long-time member of both GFOA and FGFOA. Alethea was a kind and pure person that was full of warmth, she demonstrated it each day through the love she had for her family, as well as friends and colleagues. They knew without a doubt she loved them. Words cannot ease our grieving heart, so rest in peace our dearest colleague, your life and all those you touched is a beautiful memory. Well Done! Rest in Peace.