Bruce Moe

City Manager
City of Manhattan Beach

Bruce Moe has been with the City of Manhattan Beach for nearly 30 years. Currently, he serves as the City Manager, overseeing City operations, a $125 million budget, its nine operating departments and 306 full time employees. Prior to this, he served as the City’s Finance Director for twenty years. In that role he was responsible for all financial aspects of the City, including development and oversight of the City’s budget, financial reporting, debt administration and procurement. He also worked closely with the City Treasurer investing the City’s $100 million portfolio to ensure preservation of principal and sufficient liquidity to meet daily operations at a reasonable yield.

Prior to his role as Finance Director, Bruce was the City’s General Services Manager for 9 years, responsible for Procurement, Warehousing, Telecommunications and Technology. Before joining the City in 1989, he spent many years in the fire equipment industry buying and selling everything from fire hose and nozzles to protective clothing and breathing apparatus.

Bruce has a degree in Business Administration from California State University Los Angeles.