CHAIR: Kimberly Olivares, Chief Performance Officer, City of Austin, Austin, TX

VICE-CHAIR: Jason Greene, Finance Director, Town of Surfside, Surfside, FL

Other Committee Members

Sonia Andrews, Finance Manager, City of Peoria, Peoria, AZ

Kent R. Austin, CPFO, Capital Budget Manager, City of Dallas, TX

Collin Boothe, Assistant Director of Finance, City of Conroe, TX

Sarah Elizabeth Brown, Treasury Analyst, City of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, MN

Rhonda Cheatham, Chief, Management Operations, DC Government - OCFO, Washington, D.C.

Debbie Chiu, Budget Operations Manager, City of Kansas City, Kansas City, MO

Matt Efird, Budget Administrator, City of Greenville, SC

Michael K. Folkers, Director of Finance and Administration, Port of Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, WA

Donna Maria Gayden, City Administrator, City of Fairburn GA

Jo Ann Giddings, CPA, Deputy Director, Financial Administration, City of Aurora, Aurora, CO

Jodie Hartman, Director of Finance and Administration, City of Crystal Lake, NE

Brian Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer, METRO Portland, OR

Martin Lyons, CFO/City Treasurer, City of Aurora, IL

Angel Mumma, Director of Finance, City of Dublin, Dublin, OH

John Murphy, Chief Deputy Auditor, Saint Joseph County, IN

Diana Ramirez, Director, Economic Development & Strategic Investments, Travis County - Planning & Budget Office, Austin, TX

Doug Russell, City Manager, City of Kalispell, MT

David Schmiedicke, Finance Director, City of Madison, WI

Daphna E. Schwartz, Finance Director, Town of Hillsborough, Hillsborough, NC

Ari J. Sky, Chief Financial Officer, City of New Bedford, New Bedford, MA

Jennifer Stevens, Management Accounting Manager, City of Raleigh, NC

Li Zhang, Chief Financial Officer, Transportation Authority of Marin, CA


Gregary Baird, President, Water Finance Research

Jay Jaso, Founder/CEO, Breeze Smartware LLC

Courtney Knight, Director, PFM Financial Advisors LLC

Phoebe S. Selden, Senior Vice President, Acacia Financial Group, Chicago, IL

Ann Harrity Shawver, Owner/Consultant, Ann Harrity Shawver, CPA, PLLC, Roanoke, VA


Laura Allen, Interim Town Manager, Berwyn Heights, MD

Margaret Moggia, Executive Manager of Finance, West Basin Municipal Water District, CA

GFOA Staff

Barry McMeekin, Consulting Practice Manager, Research & Consulting Center, Chicago, IL

Shayne Kavanagh, Senior Manager - Research, Research & Consulting Center, Chicago, IL

Michael Thomas, Federal Policy Associate, Federal Liaison Center, Washington, D.C.

Jake Kowalski, Consultant/Analyst, Research & Consulting Center, Chicago, IL