Coming Soon: Submitting Your PAFR on GFOA's Awards Management System

GFOA’s Awards Management System (AMS) will begin accepting submissions to the Popular Annual Financial Reporting (PAFR) Award Program starting later this spring.

GFOA launched the AMS in June 2020 for the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (COA) Award Program with the intent to migrate other GFOA award programs to this platform over time. Like COA program participants, PAFR applicants will also be able to apply, pay PAFR fees, check application status and receive award documents electronically. Submitters who are responsible for filing applications for both award programs will have access to both with just one login.

We will provide more details as the transition date nears but check our website in the coming months for updates.

Please contact GFOA with any questions.