Committee on Canadian Issues (CCI)

The Committee on Canadian Issues works to meet the unique needs of GFOA's Canadian members. The committee has 12 members and one advisor. Committee members are drawn from 9 of Canada's 10 provinces, including also the Northwest Territories.

Members of the Committee

  • CO-CHAIR: Catherine Brubacher, General Manager of Corporate Services, City Treasurer, City of Brantford, Brantford, ON
  • CO-CHAIR: Tina Tapley, Director of Finance, Innovation & Technology/City Treasurer, The City of Fredericton, Fredericton, NB

  • Tanya Garost, Chief Financial Officer, District of Lake Country, Lake Country, BC
  • Stephanie J. Nagel, Treasurer & Director of Corporate Finance, Regional Municipality of Peel, Brampton, ON
  • Paul Olafson, Corporate Controller, City of Winnipeg, MB
  • Stacey Padbury, Deputy City Treasurer, Branch Manager Financial Services, City of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB
  • Carlee Rochon, Director of Finance, Municipality of the District of West Hants, Windsor, NS
  • June Schultz, Director of Finance, City of Regina, Regina, SK
  • Raj Sharma, General Manager, Finance & Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer, City of Abbotsford, BC
  • Trevor Thompson, Chief Financial Officer, City of Maple Ridge, BC
  • Fuwing Wong, Chief Financial Officer, Town of Caledon, ON
  • Nancy Yates, Accounting Manager, City of Vaughan, Vaughan, ON


  • Donna Herridge, MFOA, Executive Director

GFOA Staff