Obtaining CPE Credit for Seminars Attended at Annual Conference

If you attended the Annual Conference in Austin and need copies of your certificates for CPE credits, please follow these steps:

From the homepage of the Conference App, select the EVALUATIONS tile. Under the TASKS section, there are three tasks listed:

  • Select the Session Attended and Complete Evaluation Questions
  • Complete Overall Conference Evaluation
  • Download/Print Certificate of Professional Development

Click "Select the Session Attended and Complete Evaluation Questions."

If you have completed all of the evaluations you need for the sessions attended, click the SUBMIT TO COMPLETE TASK button at the top of the screen. This will take you back to the TASKS page.

Select "Complete Overall Conference Evaluation." Once you complete the overall conference evaluation, you will return to the TASKS page.

Select "Download/Print Certificate of Professional Development" to download or print your certificate.