Congratulations to the CPFOs who earned the certification in 2020!

Laura Armstrong, CPFO - OH

Sarah Macy, CPFO - VT

Dana Aschenbrenner, CPFO- IA

Kimberly Martin, CPFO - NM

Connie Baker, CPFO - CO

Seth McCabe, CPFO - TX

Derrick Bennett, CPFO - NC

Michael Montplaisir, CPFO - ND

Wei Cao, CPFO  - CA

Larry Noller, CPFO - IL

Emily Chambers, CPFO - GA

Kelsey Preisinger, CPFO - MN

Robin Chen, CPFO - CA

Claudia Rasnick, CPFO - FL

Lori Cleaton, CPFO - CO

Scott Rathbun, CPFO - IL

Noah Daniels, CPFO - CA

Linda Read, CPFO -  IL

Sheila Danielson, CPFO - MT

David Schutter, CPFO -  IL

Sherry Dierking, CPFO -  CA

Jered Sigmon, CPFO -  GA

Alison Egger, CPFO - WI

Andrew Smith, CPFO -  SC

Julian Freund, CPFO -  CT

Rose Vanderschaegen, CPFO -  OR

Sayako Holmes, CPFO - TX

Sheryl Weinmann, CPFO -  GA

Casey Howard, CPFO - FL

Lauren Wynn, CPFO -  TX

Steven Huntley, CPFO - CA

Yong Yu, CPFO - KS

Tod Lindbeck, CPFO - MO

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