Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO)

Information for the Current CPFO Program

The Certified Public Finance Officers Program for GFOA is a broad educational self-study program designed to verify knowledge in the disciplines of government finance. To earn the designation of Certified Public Finance Officer (CPFO), candidates must pass a series of five examinations covering the major disciplines of public finance. A candidate has seven years in which to successfully complete the program. Once earned, the CPFO designation is maintained by participating in 30 hours of continuing professional education each year or 60 hours over a two year period.

The Certification Program requires the following examinations:

  • Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting
  • Treasury and Investment Management
  • Debt Management
  • Operating and Capital Budgeting
  • Retirement & Benefits, Risk Management, and Procurement

The program began in 1997 with the offering of the first of the five exams, each on a different discipline of public finance. Since launching the program, GFOA has had over 800 people earn the CPFO designation, and currently, there are over 500 active CPFOs. GFOA currently administers the CPFO program together with Radford University.

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Note: Due to the COVID19 pandemic, GFOA has suspended all on-site testing activity through the end of 2020. Candidates are still eligible to take exams online.

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Certification Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements

In order to be considered an Active CPFO, a CPFO is required on an annual basis to obtain 30 hours of continuing professional education (CPE), or 60 hours of CPE credit if the CPFO files over a two year period. CPE credits for the CPFO designation may be earned in one or more of the six topic areas of the Certified Public Finance Officers Program. For more information about ongoing requirements, please contact GFOA.

Program Administration

GFOA's CPFO program is governing by the Council on Certification under the direction of the GFOA Executive Board. For more information on the CPFO program, please contact Eric Roach or Susan Gaffney.