State and Provincial Association CPFO Enrollment Scholarships

GFOA is providing two CPFO enrollment scholarships for each state association to award to its members. Here are some details to get the process started with your board or education committee:

-State Association Scholarships Available per annual cycle: 2

-Scholarship Value: $1,200 enrollment fee for two years of participation

  • You are encouraged to award the scholarships to individuals who are not currently enrolled in the CPFO program (The CPFO enrollment fee is non-refundable for current candidates). Feel free to contact us at to check the enrollment status of your applicants.
  • The anticipated timeline to pass all of the exams is two years

-Main Requirement: A current and paid GFOA membership

  • GFOA membership is required during the program enrollment and to maintain the CPFO designation

-Other Requirements: A focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion to be determined by the association; membership with the association.

-Application Window: To be determined by the association

  • We recommend a consistent annual schedule (e.g., application window every January; panel review in February; award to applicants in March)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions we've received from members.

After identifying the scholarship awardee, you can email GFOA staff with the individual’s name and GFOA ID number. GFOA staff will set them up in the program and provide an orientation to get them started.

Contact Eric Roach with questions.