CPFO Spotlight: Benjamin Beutler

Benjamin Beutler, CPFO, is budget manager for the City of Peoria, Arizona.

Photo of Benjamin Beutler.

Why did you want to become a CPFO?

I’ve always sought to be an expert in government finance. This program helped me advance that goal. I am excited to have the strong foundation of knowledge associated with the certification, and I look forward to growing my financial acumen through the continuing education program.

What did you learn going through the process?

I learned/reviewed the best practices in my own field—budgeting.  I learned the nuts and bolts of other finance functions that will help me be a better leader, and I learned that the GAAFR is a very, very thick book.

How has becoming a CPFO made an impact on you in your profession or how do you hope it will make an impact?

Because finance professionals have a holistic understanding of organizations, they are uniquely suited to make substantive contributions at the management level, I believe.  I plan to continue my professional development path in city management.

What would you say to others thinking about becoming a CPFO?

Do it. Even if it takes you a long time, the challenge to learn the subject matter and become better is its own reward.

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