CPFO Spotlight: Sherwin Pestka

Sherwin Pestka, CPA, CGFM, CPFO, is Treasurer for the ADA County Highway District in Idaho.

Photo of Sherwin Pestka.

1. Why did you want to become a CPFO? 

I have always worked in the accounting and finance field, starting in the private industry before moving to the public sector which I have found to be much more fulfilling.  As a Treasurer for a local government highway district, there is no better way to best present yourself in the organization and the public than becoming a CPFO.  As a GFOA member for many years I have always relied on the GFOA as a trusted source for everything related to government finance and its CPFO program further enhances your knowledge and sharpens the fundamental skills needed to fulfill any job in government finance.

2. What did you learn going through the process? 

I was very much excited to begin the process of becoming a CPFO while knowing that a substantial amount of time would need to be invested in completing the seven disciplines of government finance.  I started with the discipline that I felt I knew well, but quickly did I find that there was an extensive amount of information that I had not been exposed to.  As with many resources provided by the GFOA, GFOA did a fantastic job with the CPFO exam prep which, if followed, provides a great opportunity for success.

3. How has becoming a CPFO made an impact on you in your profession?  

Having recently completed the CPFO program, I feel very confident that I have the skills and knowledge not only to be effective in my profession, but to be able to handle challenges that may arise.  Having the CPFO designation adds trust to the public knowing that you are serving the community to the best of your ability.  Completing the CPFO program offers members another way of enhancing the profession’s Code of Ethics.

4. What would you say to others thinking about becoming a CPFO? 

Becoming a CPFO should be the #1 priority for anyone in government finance!  The wealth of knowledge gained through the program is extremely beneficial regardless of whether you are just beginning your career or are a seasoned professional.  The investment into this program is worth every penny!

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