Duane Pitcher

CPA, CPFO, Finance Director
City of Ames, Iowa

Duane Pitcher has served as Finance Director for the City of Ames since 2000.   In this role he is responsible for overall financial management of the City as well as economic development and information services.  He has over 27 years’ experience as a City Finance Director having previously served in the same capacity with the City of Dubuque, Iowa. 

Prior to his career in local government Duane worked as a Treasury Analyst for Citibank.  He began his career as an Officer in the U.S. Navy and continued as a Reserve Officer retiring at the rank of Captain after 30 years of service.  He is an MBA graduate from California State University, Eastbay and received his BBA from Iowa State University. 

Duane is a trustee for the Municipal Fire and Police Retirement System of Iowa.  Is a member of the GFOA Committee on Retirement and Benefits Administration, the Iowa Society of CPA’s, and GFOA.