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Overview of Grants for Shuttered Venue Operators

Established under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021, this program authorizes $15 billion for the Small Business Administration to make grants to eligible live venue operators or promoters, theatrical producers, live performing arts organization operators, museum operators, motion picture theater operators, or talent representatives who demonstrate a 25 percent reduction in revenues.

Administration: The Associate Administrator for the Office of Disaster Assistance of the Small Business Administration.

Eligible Entities

Must be a:

  • Live venue operator/promoter
  • Theatrical producer
  • Live performing arts organization operator
  • Relevant museum operator
  • Motion picture theatre operator
  • Talent representative

The entities listed above must have been fully operational on 2/29/20 and have gross earned revenue during the first, second, and third calendar quarters or only with respect to an application submitted on or after 1/1/21, fourth quarter in 2020 demonstrating at least 25% reduction from the gross earned revenue of the eligible entity.

As of the date of the grant the eligible entity must be in the process of or intend to resume all operations relevant to their respective organizations.

Eligible Entity Restrictions

  • Eligible entities must not be majority owned or controlled by an issuer of securities listed on a national securities exchange
  • Must not have received more than 10% of the entity’s gross revenue from 2019 federal funding, excluding funds received from the Stafford act.
  • Must not have or is not majority owned/controlled by an entity with more than 2 of the following characteristics:
    • Owning or operating venues, relevant museums, motion picture theaters, or talent agencies or talent management companies in more than 1 country
    • Owning or operating venues, relevant museums, motion picture theaters, or talent agencies or talent management companies in more than 10 states
    • Employing more than 500 employees as of February 29, 2020, determined on a full-time equivalent basis in accordance to subparagraph C
  • Must not present live performances of a prurient sexual nature; or derives, directly or indirectly, more than de minimis gross revenue through the sale of products or services, or the presentation of any depictions or displays, of a prurient sexual nature.

Use of Funds

  • Payroll costs
  • Rent obligation
  • Utility payment
  • Covered worker protection expenditures
  • Maintenance
  • Administrative costs
  • State and local taxes and fees
  • Operating leases in effect as of 2/15/20
  • Insurance


  • Purchase real estate
  • Payments of interest/principal on loans originated before 2/15/20
  • To invest or re-lend funds
  • Contributions/expenditures to or on behalf of any: political party, party committee or candidate for elective office