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The Best of the Virtual Conference Package

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    The Best of the Virtual Conference Package

    GFOA is proud to present to you the 2020 Best of Virtual Conference online learning session! We realize that in today’s hectic climate that many of you may not have had the opportunity to participate in GFOA’s first annual Virtual Conference. No problem, but we don’t want you to miss out on the transformational content that was offered and well received by over 2,500+ government finance professionals.

    We curated the best sessions from the conference into this package so that you don’t have to continue to miss out on the learning experience. The curated content consists of 15 of the total 45 sessions that received rave reviews by its attendees. These 15 sessions include relevant and timely information on the following topics:

    • COVID-19 Keynote Panel (100 min.)
    • 5 accounting topics—with two providing an update on the latest GASB standards
      Bridging the Gap: Best Practices for Audit Committee (50 min.)
      Leases & Daughters — GASB 87, Leases, and New Guidance on Cloud Computing and P3 (100 min.)
      The Ins and Outs—GASB's Proposed Changes to Revenue and Expense Recognition (75 min.)*
      Trust Me—Fiduciary Activities and Fiduciary Fund Reporting (75 min.)
      Presto Chango! Your 457 Plan is a Pension Plan (75 min.)
    • 3 construction in progress/economic development topics
      Land Use Planning and Financial Planning (100 min.)
      Asset Management: The Bedrock of Your Community (75 min.)
      FEMA Disaster Management Guide (100 min.)
    • 2 leadership development topics
      Authentic Confidence: The Secret to Loving Your Work and Leading an Unstoppable Career (50 min.)
      Conscious Decision-Making: Becoming Aware of Your Inner Storyteller
      (100 min.)
    • And one dynamic session on each of the following topics—budgeting, treasury, debt, and pension
      Prioritizing Your Values: How to Avoid Slash and Burn in an Economic Downturn
      (100 min.)
      Preventing Fraud Before It Happens...Uncovering Fraud When It Does
      (50 min.)
      ESG and Municipal Bonds
      (100 min.)
      Retirement Jambalaya: Different Strategies for Pension
      (75 min.)

            *Please note that the information for this session will be relevant until February 26, 2021, and may change after that date.

    This is a great opportunity to train your junior staff too! You will be able to watch and review these sessions at your leisure without the time constraints of a schedule.

    All of this is possible on the GFOA’s new learning management system (LMS). At this time, these sessions cannot be viewed for CPE credits. GFOA is working to have self-study approval from NASBA for these types of self-study online learning opportunities. We hope to have this approval beginning this fall, and then CPE will be available for these sessions!

    Take advantage of 20+ hours of training!

    • Member Price: $149.00
    • Non-member Price: $249.00