Financial Policy Examples - Capital Asset Management

This page provides examples of capital asset planning and management policies. It also includes an article on the City and County of Denver's infrastructure renewal program, which was referenced in the Chapter 9 of GFOA’'s book Financial Policies. Finally, note that the City of Edmonton link takes you to a comprehensive section of its website that describes all of its capital asset management policies, strategies, and methods.

Policy Examples

Yellow highlights may have been added to some policies to help you locate relevant material.

Gwinnett County Government, Georgia (pop. 824,941)

Metro regional government in Portland, Oregon 

City of Bellevue, Washington (pop. 127,000) 

New Castle County, Delaware (pop. 539,000) 

City of Peoria, Arizona (pop. 163,000)

City of Edmonton (pop. 750,000)


GFOA Award Winning Program

City and County of Denver