Financial Policy Examples - Debt Management

This page provides examples of debt management policies and links to GFOA Best Practices that were referenced in Chapter 11 of GFOA’s book Financial Policies.

Policy Examples

Yellow highlights may have been added to some policies to help you locate relevant material.

Sedgwick County, Kansas (pop. 499,000) 

City of Roanoke, Virginia (pop. 94,000) 

City of San Diego, California (pop. 1,306,000) 

City of Forest Park, Ohio (pop. 22,000) 

City of San Luis, Obispo (pop. 44,000) 

Kansas City, Missouri (pop. 482,000) 

San Diego County, California (pop. 3,106,000) 

City of Bellevue, Washington (pop. 127,000) 

GFOA Best Practices

Selecting and Managing the Method of Sale of State and Local Government Bonds 

Selecting Financial Advisors 

Selecting Bond Counsel 

Selecting Underwriters for Negotiated Bond Sales 

Issuer’s Role in Selection of Underwriter’s Counsel 

Use of Debt-Related Derivatives Products and the Development of a Derivatives Policy