For Position 5

Harpreet Hora, CPA, CGA, Executive Director–Budget Services, Atlanta Public Schools, Georgia

Photo of Harpreet Hora.

Harpreet Hora has been a GFOA member for seven years. She is also serving on GFOA’s Rethinking Budgeting team. In her position at Atlanta Public Schools, Harpreet oversees the development of the district's $1.6 billion annual budget and has implemented tools to enhance transparency and efficiency. Hora's strategic fiscal management contributed to upholding the City of Roswell’s triple A bond rating during pandemic uncertainties. She has received certifications in local finance and Lean Process Improvement and pursued graduate studies in business analytics. Harpreet is a frequent panelist and guest speaker at conferences and leadership training and was a featured guest on the Public Money Pod podcast through the Center for Municipal Finance, Harris School of Public Policy, at the University of Chicago. Through leveraging technology and data-driven decision-making, Harpreet’s GFOA goals aim to address evolving challenges faced by government finance professionals.

Harpreet was profiled as the interview for the February 2023 GFR. For more information please visit