GFOA Audio Series on Building Trust Between Local Governments and Communities

GFOA's new Financial Foundations for Thriving Communities program and the new Code of Ethics emphasize the importance of trust. To help GFOA members build trust, we've collected stories from GFOA members about high points (and low points) in their careers. These are real stories, from real GFOA members, but the names and other minor details have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. (Note: Audio segments are recorded by GFOA staff and are not the voices of GFOA members.)
Here's how it works:
  1. Over the next two months, GFOA will release case study audio segments weekly on various audio podcast platforms. (see below)
  2. Audio segments will vary in length from 1-2 minutes to 4-5 minutes.
  3. Members are encouraged to subscribe on podcasting platforms (see below) to hear the case studies before the links appear in the newsletter.

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Case Study #1: Treating People Fairly: Understanding Other People's Perspective 

Case Study #2: Honesty and Integrity: Timing Matters

Case Study #3: Ethics: Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time - Part 1

Case Study #4: Ethics: Being in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time - Part 2

Case Study #5: Ethics: Sometimes the Best Move is to Move On

Case Study #6: Rebuilding Trust: Be Patient and Encourage Dialogue

Case Study #7: Maintaining Trust: Recognize and Manage Your Own Stories

Case Study #8: Trust: You Can't Win 'Em All

Case Study #9: Integrity Part 1: Building Trust Through Integrity and Honesty

Case Study #10: Integrity Part 2: Strengthening Your Integrity By Standing for Your Values

Case Study #11: Producing Results for Your Community Part 1: Demonstrate Command of Public Finances

Case Study #12: Producing Results for Your Community Part 2: Listen Actively So you Can Know the Results People Want

Case Study #13: Treating People Fairly Part 1: Defining Fairness and Procedural Justice

Case Study #14: Treating People Fairly Part 2: Defining Fairness and Distributive Justice

Case Study #15: Diversity and Inclusion Part 1: Inclusivity in the Finance Office

Case Study #16: Diversity and Inclusion Part 2: Including the Community in Decisions and Crossing Tribal Lines